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    If you talk about a possible poor health outcome, do you believe that outcome will occur? Do you believe eye contact and personal contact should be avoided?

    You would have a difficult time practicing as a nurse if you believed these to be true. But they are very real beliefs in some cultures.

    Differences in cultural beliefs, subcultures, religion, ethnic customs, dietary customs, language, and a host of other factors contribute to the complex environment that surrounds global healthcare issues. Failure to understand and account for these differences can create a gulf between practitioners and the public they serve.




Subject Sociology Pages 2 Style APA


Universal Health Coverage

Global Healthcare Issue

Universal Health Coverage



According to the World Health Organization, Universal Health Coverage means that all communities and people receive or get the health care services they need without financial hardships. It encompasses complete spectrum of necessities of quality healthcare services ranging from health promotion to prevention, rehabilitation, treatment, as well as palliative care.


United States

United Kingdom

Describe the policy in each country related to the identified healthcare issue

The policy used in the United States catering for universal healthcare include Medicare and Medicaid with funds the medical bills for low income earners, the elderly and people with disability (Squires & Anderson, 2015). The other group of people is funded by private insurance paid by their respective employers.

The United Kingdom uses the National Health Service (NHS) funded through taxation to offer free health care services (Andrews, Shikder & Khosrowshahi, 2017).

What are the strengths of this policy?


Many plans of Medicare and Medicaid cost $0 a month 

Usually includes drug coverage 

Its cost is relatively low in comparison to the health care systems of other nations.

The National Health Service has widespread accessibility and offers full coverage

What are the weaknesses of this policy?

It has not got nationwide coverage because it does not provide full coverage

It is difficult to switch to plans such as Medigap

The universal healthcare policy leads to low wages for doctors and nurses, long waiting time, and bureaucratic hurdles

Explain how the social determinants of health may impact the specified global health issue.

Income and poverty negatively affects universal healthcare coverage as low income earners and poor people are not able to effectively fund the insurance covers (Martinson & Reichman, 2016).

Individual behavior such as smoking, lifestyle, and alcohol consumption can make it hard to achieve universal healthcare as people sickling would be many, therefore, offsetting the medical resources.

How has each country’ government addressed cost, quality, and access to the selected global health issue?

The US has employed more medical professionals such as nurses to offer patient-centered care, therefore, improving the quality of care. The country also pays 70% of the medical bills through the insurance covers to reduce healthcare cost to the patients (Andrews, Shikder, & Khosrowshahi, 2017). Lastly, the country has managed to establish many healthcare centers in the local areas to enable easy accessibility.

The UK government offers free healthcare services to all the citizens. The healthcare services are funded by tax, therefore, everyone in the country access free health services. The country also spends a lot of money to medical equipment and employs more doctors to ensure provision of quality services. Finally, the country has employed family doctors in the local hospitals to enable easy accessibility of medical services by the local people.

How has the identified health policy impacted the health of the global population?

The universal healthcare coverage has improved care services in many hospitals in the country. Many people can access healthcare services due to the reduced cost leading to improved lives.


It has increased the accessibility of healthcare services by the people including the poor as everyone is entitled to quality free healthcare.

Describe the potential impact of the identified health policy on the role of nurse in each country.

Insurance coverage has increased the role of nursing as the nurses as the key players (Chalkidou et al., 2016). Nurses in the United States currently work towards patient satisfaction through patient-centered approach


Universal healthcare has made nurses the first and primary people of contact for health services. The nursing role has now become provision of innovative solutions to healthcare and expertise across the health systems.

Explain how global health issues impact local healthcare organizations and policies in both countries.

Universal healthcare coverage has increased the capacity of hospitals to offer quality care. The country policies have changed to ensure everyone accesses quality care.

Universal healthcare coverage has increased the accessibility of health care and made the healthcare organizations to employ more staff and improve their services.

General Notes/Comments


Universal healthcare coverage is very important as it ensures everybody in a country accesses high quality care, therefore, reducing mortality and morbidity rates.

Similarly, universal healthcare coverage shuns discrimination and ensures equity in the provision of health care services.



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