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    How do the variables or phenomenon addressed in your study inform the method, design, research questions, and data collection instrument to be used? What are two instruments that might be used to gather data for your study? Why do you believe these instruments will gather the appropriate data to answer the research questions and address the problem?


    Between now and the beginning of the dissertation sequence, no additional input on the literature review will be given to you. You have approximately one year to draft the literature review so it is prepared when you enter the dissertation phase. Create and post a project plan that describes how you will complete a full draft of your literature review in the time available. How will you stay current with the literature over the next number of years until you complete the dissertation?


Subject Research Methodology Pages 3 Style APA


Variables and Literature Review

Q8.a: How Variables inform Method, Design, Research Questions and Data Collection Instruments

The proposed dissertation topic is “work-life balance for UN employees working in non-family duty stations”. The variables identified include work-life balance and non-family duty stations. Bryman and Bell (2015) note that the methodology, design, research questions and data collection instruments are not only determined by the variables presented above, but could also be based on personal preferences, experiences and other externalities. This is evident in cases where a person considers undertaking a secondary research as opposed to primary research because of the underlying complexities in collecting data. In this case, the two variables inform methodology in the sense that I could opt for either quantitative or qualitative research methodologies depending on the nature of the dissertation topic (Marshall & Rossman, 2014). This case, qualitative methods will be admirable.

The research design could either be ethnography, narrative, phenomenological, grounded theory or case study (Creswell & Creswell, 2017). The topic involves collecting information on the United Nations. Such information is available on the internet. Additionally, the firm encourages confidentiality among its employees and this makes it hard to collect primary quantitative data. The most suitable and ethical option, therefore, is that of a qualitative case study. The variables selected inform selection of research questions since they have to be in line with the proposed dissertation. The selection of particular instruments for collecting data is guided by the methodology and research design. For this case, the two instruments will be extant document analysis and focus groups. This instrument is accurate in collecting data that satisfy the identified variables.

Q8.b: Literature Review Plan

Summarizing what has been done on the topic will take three months. Identifying gaps, limitations and problems in already done work will take four months. Identifying sources to be used for the research based on the proposed title will take two months. The process will involve providing background context and framework for analysis. Herr and Anderson, (2014) propose that the best way to staying current with a literature review is by constantly reading about the topic in order to gain a deeper insight on what previous researchers have done.



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