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The heart and soul of nursing is providing care to patients of all cultures in states of health and illness. Vulnerable patients, whether individuals or aggregates, with health disparities require nurses to invest additional resources in the form of nursing skills, time, energy, and mental acuity. To endeavor to care for the vulnerable, the nurse must first have a clear understanding of the special issues a vulnerable patient experiences.
The study of vulnerability includes both vulnerable individuals and vulnerable populations.To evaluate your understanding of vulnerability, advocacy, and cultural competence, answer the following questions:
Evaluate the differences between the two groups and how you as a nurse leader will provide care for each group.
Compare and contrast the advocate role of the nurse versus the social worker. Explain the different roles each group provides to the vulnerable individual and population and how they might best carry out these roles as a multidisciplinary team.
Describe the term whistleblowing as it is found in the nursing literature with examples as to how and why it should be used. Use two peer reviewed articles to support your answer.
Explain the term marginalization and what it means to nurses and how patients interpret cultural competence.
Discuss how you, as a nurse leader, will use the dimensions of cultural competence at your work place. (The dimensions of cultural competence are caring, cultural sensitivity, cultural knowledge, and cultural skills.

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