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What if essay
Put yourself in that person’s place. You will create a narrative of what your life would look like had you grown up during that period in history. This part is personal, but also based on historical accuracy. This will be a minimum of 2-3 pages.











Subject Essay Writing Pages 2 Style APA


What my Life would look like During the World War II Period

Growing up in a period marked with the uncertainties of life can be devastating. Ideally, Mrs. Richardson lived through the Second World War and yet, her description of the time appears to be slightly less fearsome as it may actually have been. The depiction of the Second World War in other avenues reveals a situation that was dire. The lives of the people were often at risk and the certainty of life unknown. The Germans up on arms against the British and the continued insistence for the expansion of the Soviet Union by Russia only served to make the situation more stressful even for a child who may not have been aware of what is going on around his or her community.

Living through this period of time I believe I would not have been as courageous as Mrs. Richardson. She and her family lived near a plant that used to make the ammunition and, therefore, the blasts were not uncommon to her. However, in my perspective, following the gravity of the situation and the fact that it was a period of war, I would not have gotten used to the idea of blasts. Every day would always appear to be the day the Germans get to us and cause destruction. The amount of fear and hope primarily would be of equal measure. I probably have live in constant fear that every day would be the last day and still be hopeful that the war would end soon and life would resume to normalcy.

Mrs. Richardson describes how their home was blasted when the Germans finally reached their community. The blasts were so loud and in a moment, everything they once owned was gone except for their lives. This forced Mrs. Richardson and her family to live in shelters before they found a home in the outskirts of Liverpool. Losing a place you once called home is not an easy feat and yet, the family was able to accept their loss and move on with life. Knowing my reactions to such trauma, I would be devastated for a long period of time. The thought of having to live in shelters thus would further have been traumatizing to my perspective. I do not think that I would have transitioned easily from the life I once had; from having a home to being homeless in a matter of seconds. Naturally, the loss would be rather too much, I would be numb and in a state of shock. This is despite assurance from my family that everything would be well.

Moving to a new home is also usually both challenging and exciting. While Mrs. Richardson took the shift to Liverpool well, I am certain I would have had a few concerns. Typically, this would mean having to start afresh and adapting to new environments all over again. However, with the end of the war, I would celebrate and be at ease just as the rest of the people were. This would be a moment of relief and joy to have a normal life once more and enjoy the serenity that comes with peace. I would be grateful for life and the chance to lead a life that is free of the blasts and uncertainty. The entire experience would be a myriad of emotions.










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