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  1. What Philosophy Means to You



    Important Note: This Week 1 Discussion must be completed by Day 5 of Week 1.

    You already have a philosophy of life, a conceptual framework that influences your decision-making process. This set of beliefs and values that you have been consciously or unconsciously developing throughout your life is what guides you when faced with a moral, ethical, religious, or political question. When you try to make sense of the news, assess your relationship to your relatives or friends, or make long-term decisions about where and how you are going to live, you are relying on your conceptual framework. Examining your belief system and challenging your views on life’s important issues can help you arrive at a well-supported knowledge of yourself. To start you on this process of inquiry, in this Discussion Assignment you are asked to evaluate 12 statements related to the various branches of philosophy.

    To prepare for this Discussion:

    Complete the “What Is Your Philosophy?” survey in the Resources.
    Review the branches of philosophy as described in the “What is Philosophy” Resource.
    Consider which statements were the hardest to respond to and why.
    Reflect on how these difficult dilemmas relate to each other and your current situation in life.
    With these thoughts in mind:

    By Day 3 of Week 1
    Post a 2- to 3-paragraph response in which you discuss some of the “What is your Philosophy?” survey statements that you found most difficult to respond to and describe why. Identify the branches of philosophy that these statements relate to, and explain how they are connected to your personal goals for this course.

    Support your ideas by connecting them to Interactive Unit content, the survey that you completed, or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced. Be sure to use evidence to support your claims by citing your source. Acceptable citations include “According to the ‘What is Your Philosophy?’ survey” and “According to a January 5, 2015 article in the New York Times.”

    Resource: http://web.archive.org/web/20120328082303/http://www.trinity.edu/cbrown/intro/philosophy-what.html



Subject Philosophy Pages 2 Style APA


The Meaning of Philosophy


Of the three branches of philosophy, my philosophical arguments rely on the value-theory branch of philosophy. However, as much as knowledge is universal, and there is a need to expand knowledge, metaphysics and epistemological branches argue differently from my perspective.

I had a difficulty agreeing with statement 5 that states, Persons retain their identity over time so that a seventy-year-old and a five-year-old can be the same person. This statement relies on the metaphysical branch of philosophy (Wayback Machine, 2012). Although there is evidence to support it in that a person can keep the same identity, I believe that a person’s identity is build upon the memories that one creates. One can have memories that define who they are as a part of them, but these same memories are repressed, and one grows and develops in different societies that give him or her identity that they are as a seventy-year-old. I believe that one’s value is not limited to memories, but an individual’s memories teach one to be better as they grow older. Eventually, the memories become part of a person and the values acquired throughout life make a person different and wiser.                      I also had a difficulty with statement 10 that states, There is no God. As an individual driven by ethical standards, I believe in the existence of God. My values come from a framed society that has brought me up, believing God’s existence(Wayback Machine, 2012). Unlike people who support the metaphysical branch, I believe that God’s presence holds us accountable for our actions and choices as individuals and society. Therefore, my values hold me to the belief and existence of a spiritual being. In my opinion, God is the central being in whom we can always attribute the existence of creation and the good and the bad.

Last, I struggle with statement 11 that reiterates; We can have definite knowledge about the external world. People who agree with the epistemological branch of philosophy argue on the understandings of knowledge. However, I believe that God’s omnipresenceand all-knowing guidance allows us to have a certain knowledge of things in the universe Wayback Machine, 2012). My opinion on this is that knowledge is an ever-growing and ever-sharing process. Therefore, we gain knowledge when we believe in God’s existence as a supernatural being who shares his knowledge with us as humans.

Throughout this course, I intend to understand major philosophical ideas. The continuance of this coursework will allow me to apply the understanding of ideas and contexts in how they influence philosophical ideas and how they influence my life. The understanding of philosophical ideas will assist in understanding branches like metaphysics and how such philosophical ideas will help my arguments become more balanced, inclusive, and give me insight into more ideas going forward.



Wayback Machine. (2012, March 28). What is Philosophy? Web.Archive.org. http://web.archive.org/web/20120328082303/http://www.trinity.edu/cbrown/intro/philosophy-what.html

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