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What then constitutes a “good” answer for a case study? For starters, a good answer demonstrates an ability to clearly define a problem based on the story/information presented. Furthermore, it offers an insightful solution to the problem that is well reasoned, and the reasoning is supported with relevant evidence. How you arrive at your answer is at least as important as the answer itself. It is your ability to think critically and demonstrate your thinking that is being examined.

Step 1
First, understand the issues surrounding Kimberly Rogers. Read the Globe and Mail article: “Inquest to Probe House-arrest Death”.

Step 2
Prepare an initial posting. In your initial posting, include the following:

In light of what you have learned from the unit’s resources, state what you believe is the main or primary issue for this case.
Propose at least one recommended course of action in light of the problem as you have defined it. Be sure to cite which unit resources you are drawing upon the support your position.

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