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  1. Who is A Progressive?



     Who is A Progressive? Review the following site: Link (website): Presidential Election of 1912: A Resource Guide (Links to an external site.) Then, address the following: According to Roosevelt, what are the characteristics of a progressive? Explain and give examples of the characteristics of “anti-progressives.” Trace what types of activities “anti-progressives” engaged in? Analyze the goals of progressivism. Explain what areas of society progressives addressed? Analyze the progressive achievements Roosevelt highlights in his speech?    



Subject Law and governance Pages 3 Style APA



A progressive is any person who fights for economic equality and social equality, hoping to see an increase in the gain of gay rights and feminism. According to Roosevelt 1912, progressive is a person who “stands for any form of social justice… to increase the opportunities to give the best possible expression to top their social life.” A progressive is characterized by their attitudes which area considered favorable towards urban-industrial societies. Furthermore, a progressive is also characterized by their ability to have a belief in the capacity of humankind to better the environment and any underlying life conditions (Rodgers, 2009).

Moreover, a progressive is also characterized by his strong belief in being able to obligated to the intervention of economic and social affairs. They believed to have the ability of experts and any kind of government efficiency through interventions. Progressives are also characterized by having an optimistic look towards human nature as they believe that human beings are inherently good with good intentions. Such people viewed the problems faced by societies were as a result of the flaws in the institution’s structure and not from individuals.

Progressives are also linked with their increased desire in the expansion of the democratic processes. For instance, progressives advocated the adoption of the secret ballot and the adoption of initiatives, referendum and recall. Progressives are also categorized by their strong desire for social justice and change. Progressives believed in the ideology that everyone has the right to a decent living standard. The social gospel was another element that was used to characterize the progressives. Social gospel contended that Christians are supposed to work towards certifying decent standard of living for everyone.

Individuals who are considered anti-progressives were considered to disregard human dignity and highly valued material possessions (Editor, 2019). Such individuals never cared about environmental hence were main aim was wealth accumulation as much as they could. They involved themselves with activities that highly exploited workers such as more working hours with less pay, and child labor. Editor further states that anti-progressives seeked to establish institutions that undermined the democracy in the provision of checks and balances.

There existed five significant goals of progressivism. These goals were protecting the social welfare of people; the second was promoting the overall moral Improvement, creating economic reforms was the third goal of progressivism. Another goal was working towards efficiency and lastly, government reforms.

Protection of social welfare included softening the harsh conditions brought about by industrialization. Such protections also aroused from people who created awareness by exposing any kind of wrongdoings by a different business or various government organs. Progressives also stressed on the belief of social institutions to exert reforms within the society (Jundt, 2018).

Promotion of moral improvements was done through exercising prohibitions like banning of alcoholic beverages. Americanization is another critical method whereby immigrants were taught about American values. Economic reforms were carried out through regulation of unethical business practices. Efficiency was fostered through scientific managements with goal-oriented strategies for saving money. Government reforms were geared towards revamping corruption. 

Areas of the society that progressives addressed included social gospel. The social gospel had a direct association with social reforms as it linked biblical ideas concerning justice and charity activities. Progressives also addressed those who were poor within the urban. With the help of the progressives, there was the establishment of settlement houses which helped to provide critical services. Another part of the society that progressives touched was child labor. Progressives worked hard to eradicate any forms of child labor (Hovenkamp, 2017).

In Roosevelt’s speech, some of the progressive achievements were political corruption reforms whereby the creation of Civil Reform Act placed most of the federal workers on a merit system hence ending the spoils system. Another achievement was women becoming more involved in the demands for women suffrage, and provision of women with better schools. Progressives also put into antitrust action laws, the implementation of federal income tax and senators being directly elected.




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