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    Watch/read article the video and write an essay of 400-500 words that addresses the following. It must be in formal writing (like the other essays) and in narrative format. No bullet points or other non-narrative formats.
    1) What are three points that Peter Kalivas made about why the arts matter?
    2) Peter Kalivas said the the arts provide an opportunity for healthful expression and/or performative protest, and also give hope in moments of struggle. Give an example from your own personal experiences of at least two of these things as experienced through the arts.
    3) What are three different ways that people can participate in the arts, according to Peter Kalivas?
    4) Peter Kalivas quoted John F. Kennedy as saying “Art is not a form of propaganda, it is a form of truth”. What does this mean to you?
    5) Peter Kalivas gave several tips for success (and not just for success in the arts). What are two of the tips he gave?
    6) In your opinion, do the arts matter in life and society today? Explain why or why not.
    only use the video/story as a source nothing else




Subject Essay  Writing Pages 2 Style APA


Why the Arts Matter



People appreciate art in different ways, whether its fashion, music, dance, poetry, cooking or painting.  The arts provide three fundamental purposes; to reflect, entertain and change (Kalivas). Early on, the arts were used to record and remind individuals of their actions through paintings and dramatic presentation. Also, most individuals admire watching a controlled capacity of a singer, a dancer, or an actor and reflect on the story each presents (Kalivas).  The arts often incorporate stories from different cultures. They play a significant role in shaping and reshaping the local’s way of life. Although sometimes the arts may not be profitable, they present a platform where an individual or a community can express their feelings and opinions as well as interact with individuals from different back grounds and learn new cultures.

Growing up I have always wanted to be professional chef and travel around the world to taste different foods. The culinary art is one of the activities in which I engage daily, and just like other individuals in their different fields, I use it as a vehicle to express myself and creativity. Being in the world of cooking has made me learn and understand different cultures, customs and flavors through the food they cook and the process involved. As any form of art, the art of cooking is often inspired by personal stories, or memories and associations. Although home cooked meals may not be the kind of works of art which is found in museums or concert hall, the essence of it is the same. For me cooking is a form combining ideas with a sense of creativity and purpose, and as a result, receiving and giving insight from and to the people around me. The art of culinary/cooking is medium that inspires and awakens awareness to the way I engage with others in my daily life. 

            According to Peter Kalivas, people can participate in the art in three different ways. These include entertaining, shaping, and reflecting. When Kaliva quotes John F. Kennedy saying “Art is not a form of propaganda,” he indicates that arts can be used to change lives and the community’s perspective. Through arts, individuals can make a living and ensure they live a stable life. Kalivas gives an example of himself and other dancers who are making a living through their art of dancing. Moreover, in the art s of cooking, chefs are often among the highest paid due to the unique art they present on plates. According to Peter Kalivas, the two tips for success are working hard and one believing in him/herself.

In my opinion, arts matter life and in the modern society. Through arts, individuals are able to expresses their concerns and learn new cultures. Arts present a common theme to all individual regardless of their background or preferences.  In these modern days, people have developed ways in which they interact through music, dance, sports, cooking, and paintings among other forms of arts. Thus, arts are essential because they make people understand and appreciate different cultures. Furthermore, through arts people gain an understanding of their history and create a future in ways that both propel and bring them together.





Kalivas, G. Peter. Commentary: Why the Arts Matter. Peter G. Kalivas on Power of the Arts and Dance.31 December 2017, https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/entertainment/theater/sd-et-arts-matter-kalivas-20171205-story.html




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