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    • What were the origins of World War II? Describe at least two factors discussed in our course material.

      2) What was Germany’s primary objective in World War II? Why did they find themselves fighting a two-front war once again?

      3) After watching the film clips from “Conspiracy” do you think such dramatizations are helpful for learning history? Why or why not?



      The Avalon Project : Wannsee Protocol, January 20, 1942


      Internet History Sourcebooks


      Peace Four Power Conference (1938) – YouTube

      Their Finest Hour – YouTube

      Conspiracy – “Evacuation” – YouTube



Subject History Pages 3 Style APA


Question #1

World War II had both long-term and short-term causes. The short-term causes include imperialism, rise in fascism, consequences of World War 1, and Japanese imperialism. The long-term reason for World War II was the inversion of Poland by Germany on September 1 1939. Japan was ambitious in its war activities. Japan raided Manchuria in 1931 and china in 1937. The USSR steps in to support China but avoids direct confrontation with Japan. The activities of Mussolini, the architect of the Italian fascism, fueled the occurrence of the war. Italy decided to recreate the Roman Empire by expanding to the North. The primary cause of the Second World War was the inversion of Poland by Germany on 1 September 1939. England and France attacked Germany. The USSR invades Poland from the East on 17 September 1939.

Question #2

Adolf Hitler wanted to establish racial order in the world positioning Germans as the superior race. Besides, they wanted to throw out the provisions of the treaty of Versailles they perceived as a document meant to punish Germany. Germany’s foreign policy sought the cooperation of the European states to facilitate the objective of the Nazi of killing all the Jews in Europe. Germany found itself fighting war on two fronts again since it wanted to defeat France, a Russian ally, quickly to allow her concentrate on the bigger enemy in the East.

Question #3

The film clips from conspiracy films are essential in understanding history, especially in the events and activities of the World Wars. The footages help bring more memories to light, making society accept the reality of historical happenings. However, the authenticity of the film dramatization must be established to prevent consumptions of films that have been staged to manipulate the audience to think in particular way.



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