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  1. Worldview of the Religious Right



    Compare/Contrast the worldview of the Religious Right, at the time of its founding, to your current worldview.    


Subject Religion Pages 2 Style APA


Comparison and Contrast of the Religious Right at the Time of Its Founding to My Current Worldview


Whereas religious leaders have often focused on addressing political matters within the U.S. since its establishment, religious right emerged during the Cold War era as a reaction to anxieties over social unrest, communism, and perceived cultural and spiritual decline. Some of the critical issues that the Religious Right movement sought to address were associated with the school-sponsored Bible readings and prayer, abortion, gay rights, and women’s liberation (Glass, 2019). Nonetheless, whereas my present worldview is in line with the perspectives of Religious Right on the issues of school-sponsored bible readings and prayer, gay rights, it conflicts with the notions of Religious Right on the issues of women’s liberation and abortion.

Kuusisto, Hirsto, and Ubani (2019) define worldview as a collection of beliefs concerning the universe and life held by a group or individual, or the general perspective in which a person interprets or sees the world around them. My worldview is supports women’s liberation, abortion when the life of the child’s mother is threatened, spreading of the gospel by all means and in all institutions of learning. On the other hand, I am opposed to the idea of gay rights and rejection of abortion in all circumstances. My worldview parallels the Religious Right’s perspective on the issues of opposing gay rights and abolishing school-sponsored bible readings as well as prayer. The scriptures cautions believers against same sex relationships or unions in many verses including Genesis 19: 1-11, Leviticus 18:22, 2013, Romans 1:26-27, and 1 Timothy 1:10, which makes gay right unacceptable to me. When it comes to the aspect of school-sponsored prayer and bible reading, I believe that this initiative is part of the great commission, as found in Matthew 28:16–20, where Jesus Christ calls on believers to make disciples of all nations. As such, I consider any attempt against the spread of the gospel in schools is unacceptable and thus holds the same opinion with the Religious Right on this matter.

Even though I hold the same views with the Religious Right on gay rights and banning of the gospel in schools, my worldview conflicts with the perspectives of the Religious Right on women’s liberation and abortion. The Religious Right movement opposed the liberation of women in the name of protecting God-granted gender roles. Nonetheless, I find this notion incorrect considering that the bible makes it clear to us about the aspect of equality between men and women, as found in Ephesians 5:21, where Paul states that there is no slave or free, Greek or Jew, male or female, as we believers are all one in Christ. I am also opposed to the idea of rejection of abortion in all situations. I believe that abortion should be permitted in a circumstance where the life of the child’s mother or the pregnant individual is threatened.



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