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  1. Worldview on your existence, meaning, purpose



    Worldview is the fundamental philosophy on how you view your existence, meaning, purpose, and future. How does the way you answer these deep questions impact your view on your aviation career? Don’t just write about your experiences, but critically think about how your worldview has impacted and will impact your aviation career. 


Subject Functional Writing Pages 2 Style APA


Reply to Patrick Kessler

Indeed the pandemic has influenced people in various ways, and there is probability that it can change someone’s worldview concerning aviation and travelling. Various challenges that come as people continue to grow determines how we relate to others and make choices in our lives. For instance, it possible for individual to consider changing profession to a more accommodating course that would help in emerging cases in aviation industry such as pandemic that restricts movement as seen during COVID-19. It has created a need in the aviation industry towards enhancing management concerning unsuspecting challenges. While challenges such as pandemic affect the operations of airlines, they act as opportunities to develop solutions to new problems in the industry.

Family-work balance is challenging, especially to those working in the aviation industry. Most people have lost touch with family due to demanding nature of work. However, the pandemic has enable people to know that they should give the same attention to work and family in equal measure. The primary responsibility is to serve but at the same time help, people understand more about aviation industry.

Reply Scott Klusman

Primarily, various philosophies that are tried and tested are crucial reference points to improve aviation designs. People are affected by problems across the world and they are involved in developing solutions to the same. When a solution to a challenge is discovered in one part of the world, it does not take long before the principle or the philosophy is used to solve the same problem in other places in the world. Many countries and individuals have contributed to aviation development after the breakthrough made by the Wright brothers. I now believe that designs can be improved to suit the current circumstances in aviation by improving already existing ones. When people work together, safer measures are likely to be introduced in the industry. It is important to learn from previous challenges to improve the current designs with the ability to respond to the contemporary challenges.



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