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    An abstract is a short summary of content which could be about a completed research study, presentation, or project. You will write an abstract describing your project as if you were planning to submit it to a professional organization, journal or conference for presentation. Following the instructions provided by the organization, journal or conference, as this is your target audience.

    Overview of the Abstract Assignment

    Your first step will be to search for a scholarly journal, professional organization meeting, or conference where you might submit a manuscript or give a presentation about your completed project. This abstract is NOT an abstract that you would submit for an academic paper for a course; it needs to adhere to the rules of the scholarly journal, professional organization meeting or conference for which you want to present or publish. While you are not required to actually submit or present, this is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills in writing an abstract and share your knowledge with others. After choosing where you might submit an article or present your project, follow the scholarly journal, professional organization meeting, or conference’s rules regarding submitting an abstract. After graduation, as a masters prepared nurse, it is your obligation to share your expertise in the form of publications and presentations. This assignment gives you the opportunity to learn how to go about the process.

    Abstract Assignment Instructions:

    1a. Choose a professional organization, journal, or conference for presentation that would accept your work for a presentation or article related to your project.

    1b. Provide the journal or organization URL link to the directions for abstract submissions.

    2. Using the directions (this includes word count, format, structure, etc) for abstract submission of the professional organization, journal, or conference for presentation, write an abstract that describes your project.

    3.The abstract needs to include the

    • Identification of the opportunity
    • Description of the project
    • Supporting evidence as appropriate based on type of submission
    • Description and analysis of the outcome
    • Significance to nursing and health care

    4. Organization, Writing Style, Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Formatting (e.g. APA, MLA, AMA, etc)

    • Follow the guidelines provided by the professional organization, journal, or conference for presentation abstract instructions.

    The organization must be palliative care or hospice I included the paper/abstract that needs to be used for this assignment written by one of your writers. This abstract must mimic this project


Subject Research Methodology Pages 3 Style APA


One of the platforms where I can submit my abstract is the Palliative Care Congress that receives abstracts for proffered papers, research forum posters or papers as well as interactive workshops. They have well stipulated guidelines highlighting the requirements that an abstract should have for it to be accepted. Here is the link for the requirements; http://www.palliativecare.ca/eng/abstracts.php.

Topic of Project: Management of Loneliness and Isolation Among the Aged in Palliative Care

Identification of the opportunity

It has been established that isolation and loneliness are some of the experiences that aged persons in palliative care are experiencing. As a result, the palliative centers end up having depressed patients, poor patient outcomes, and high mortality rates. One of the reasons that has been attributed to the loneliness and isolation is the fact that the patients understand that their death is inevitable, and therefore, are overwhelmed by distress.

Description of the project

The aim of the project is to identify the causes of loneliness and isolation among persons above 65 years old, how the problem can be effectively addressed as well as the outcomes of managing the patients. There will be 40 participants that have been diagnosed with various chronic and are receiving end of life care.

Supporting evidence as appropriate based on type of submission

The project is backed by previous studies such as that carried out by (Gardiner, Geldenhuys, and Gott, 2018) who point out that nurses have occasionally failed to meet the needs of the elderly in palliative care. The patients have feelings of loneliness and isolation, and therefore, it is the role of nurses to promote the mental stability among the patients.

Description and analysis of the outcome

Some of the desired outcomes of this project are that there will be an increase in the quality of end of life care, a reduction in depression risk among the patients, and promotion in the wellness of the patients at both the palliative centers and home settings.

Significance to nursing and health care

The project will be beneficial in nursing and healthcare as it will help in add to the body of knowledge of health care providers on how to manage loneliness and isolation in palliative care. Nurses will also use the project as in their evidence-based practice when providing end of care services.


Gardiner, C., Geldenhuys, G., & Gott, M. (2018). Interventions to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people: an integrative review. Health & social care in the community26(2), 147-157.


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