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to find a car model and it’s data such as weight, drag, wheel sizes and so on because that data will go in your model. You are modelling a car, turning a combustion engine car to an electrical car.

Select a combustion engine and find out how the performance is then find the optimum point and try to change some parameters of the engine model to see if you can can reduce the fuel consumption.

So – model
– find performance
– Find Where’s the optimum point
– Change few parameters ( you can see performance and analysis to find out where the highest efficiency and maximum performance is and then make an optimisation you can chose from ignition, timing, stroke, fuel, intake l, intake valve. Pick 2 of them and change them a bit and see how the performance changes)

So just looking at the optimum point because thats were we are trying to optimise, (the range extender is not running all the engine speed it is only running at one speed which is optimum we just want to make it a bit better, that data goes into the vehicle model as well).

[whats the optimum point and either switch it on or off when needed, only a small part goes into the simulink model but before that you need to optimise it. So main thing run the simulink model as much as possible and try to do an optimisation of the combustion engine]

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