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Improving access to mental health

Question: Improving access to mental health services for adolescence in the United StatesDefinition of the Problem:Document the need for the program by describing its background and significance. Clearly and logically argue for the need for the program. Include data...

Psychosocial theoretical concepts of life stages

Using the psychosocial theoretical concepts of life stages, examine your own life activities, behaviors, and things you are learning during each period of your life.Give a summary of your life situations in each of Erikson’s stages. How do your experiences...


Focus on the clinical manifestations and pathogenesis of MPX. What is known about the origins of the virus that causes this neglected zoonotic disease and how does MPXV relate to other “pox” viruses, such as smallpox? Where is it endemic and are there any differences...

Institutional bias’

Describe institutional bias. Provide some examples of institutional biases? What roles do attitudes, stereotypes, and prejudices play in institutional biases? What impact does cultural influence have on institutional biases?

Venture capital

Venture capital (S14.1) Ethelbert.com is a young software company owned by two entrepreneurs. It currently needs to raise $400,000 to support its expansion plans. A venture capitalist is prepared to provide the cash in return for a 40% holding in the company. Under...
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