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  1. Alcohol is used to refer to beverages that contain __________.
  2. One drink typically has _ – g ethanol and __ Calories from alcohol alone.
  3. One drink is equivalent to _ of wine, of beer, and of distilled spirits.
  4. Moderate alcohol consumption is drink/day for women and __ drinks/day for men.
  5. Alcohol can have immediate effect in the body because it is absorbed in the ______________________. Peak blood alcohol concentrations happen within __ of ingestion.
  6. List the factors that can slow down alcohol absorption:
  7. Alcohol is metabolized by the ___ and is given metabolic _____, meaning it will be metabolized before any other toxin.
  8. ______________________() metabolizes small amounts of alcohol. With great amounts ingestion, the ___________________________________(__) helps to metabolize alcohol.
  9. Ethanol is metabolized into ______________, which is toxic and can degrade to form _________, which can be used to make fatty acids. (see the picture on the “Alcohol metabolism” slide from lecture or Fig. 12.24 on page 414 of your textbook)
  10. Describe why it is dangerous to take some medications (like Tylenol) with alcohol.
  11. Why is it unsafe to drink alcohol and drive a car? (include short term effects of alcohol)
  12. Alcoholic liver disease is progressive. The first stage is ___________, a condition where _ accumulates in the liver. If alcohol consumption continues, it can develop into the second stage, ______________________, where the liver becomes inflamed. Both of these can be ________ if alcohol is stopped. Once the liver stops functioning and fibrous connective tissue form, stage 3, or _________ has developed, which is irreversible.
  13. List three (3) reasons why alcohol might contribute to malnutrition:
  14. Describe the potential health risks and benefits of alcohol consumption.

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