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Clinical Field Experience A: Student Engagement in Inclusive Environments

  1. Time: try to use about 2 hours with observations and the other hour credited for talking to your mentor.
  2. Observations:
    • Videos are in lieu of Observations
    • Observe videos of an experienced teacher (must be from the approved list )
    • make note of the classroom environments, paying attention to how it effects the students’ level of cognitive engagement, behavioral engagement, emotional engagement, as well as inclusion.
  3. Mentor Discussion: discuss with your mentor teacher your classroom description from the Topic 1- Creating Literacy Environments assignment. Ask for feedback on what you wrote.
  4. Turn in: (summaries and reflection)
    • Video summaries that equal approximately 2 hours together. Use the template below for each video summary.
    • Write a 250-500 word reflection of your video observations.
     Include examples of how the teachers’ literacy environments affected students’ cognitive engagement, behavioral engagement, emotional engagement, and inclusion.
     Suggest ideas on how engagement could be increased in the observed classrooms to make the classrooms even more inclusive.
     Explain how these types of engagement relate to inclusion and affect motivation.
     Briefly describe the feedback you received from your mentor teacher regarding your classroom description and the changes made to support inclusion.
    Video Title
    Topic Addressed:
    Summary (brief summary and what you learned from the video that you could apply to your own teaching)
    Note: Choose with your mentor teacher an appropriate subject and standards to address in your digital literacy lesson plan. The lesson plan will be created in Topic 4 and taught (hypothetically) in Topic 6 .

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