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Use this worksheet to help you apply a theory as a lens to the case study for your assignments. Fill in the column on the right with all applicable information, and then consider it a reference for how to apply the theory. You must submit this worksheet, where indicated, in applicable assignments. Then you will compile the worksheet for your Theories Study Guide (that you can use for the licensure exam) at the end of the course.

Name of theory Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Author or founder
Historical origin of theory
Basic assumptions
Underlying assumptions
Key concepts
Foci/unit of analysis
Philosophical or conceptual framework
Strengths of theory
Limitations of theory
Common criticisms
When and with whom it would be appropriate to use the theory/model
Consistency of theory/model with social work principles
Identification of goodness of fit with ethical principles
Ways in which theory/model informs research methods
Implications for social work practice

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