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Research Texas Midwest Surgery Center in Abilene

Research Texas Midwest Surgery Center in Abilene, TX, https://www.texasmidwest.com/, an urban ambulatory surgical center (ASC). As you research this facility settings, consider the following: Services offeredCommunity needsCommunity size Write a 1050 – 1400 word...

Pandemic Precaution

    Study the new requirements set up by CDC following the current COVID pandemic guidelines for healthcare workers. Watch the video provided by Medscape to learn about donning and doffing requirements for viral hemorrhagic and biohazard diseases. Post a discussion...

Case UBER at a Cross roads

  Read the Case UBER at a Cross roads and create a case study on it. Follow the “GUIDELINES TO PREPARING A CASE” The other 2 PDFS are helper guides in how to write a case study to said professors liking. FOR example: 10-15% on issues, 50-60% on analysis,...
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