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  1. Analyzing group roles


    Select two specific groups to which you personally belong. This could be a church group, sports team, club, department at work, etc. In a slide presentation, address the following for each of the groups you selected: Describe the group (membership, purpose, etc.). Define the group roles, emphasizing your own role in that group. Describe the group norms. Analyze the group dynamics – How does the group communicate? How are decisions made? Who evaluates group members’ performance? Evaluate how dissension or conflict are managed within the group. Select two social psychology group concepts (for example: cohesion, groupthink, social loafing) and apply them to these two groups, comparing and contrasting how the group norms and dynamics impact how the group behaves.    



Subject Conflict Resolution Pages 3 Style APA


This presentation purposes to explore on the concept of group dynamics under the spectrum of two chosen groups. In this case, it is the Muslim Group and Charge nurse group. Within the presentation is briefed description of the respective groups in terms of their purpose, roles, norms, conflict management strategies and influences on group dynamics. The paper identifies a winning team is one whose group dynamics feature shared purpose, collaborative leadership, interdependence and consent decision making.


As a group we believe that all Muslim- Americans have a right for inclusion and safe-spaces for dialogues. We specifically purpose to fight against islamaphobia, and hate crimes against Muslim Americans within social settings. As a member, I am part of the group journalist team that advocates for American-Muslim rights through publication. Our group norm serves as our pillar of strength, enabling us to avoid all obstacles and critics against our movement.

As a group we believe in the freedom of speech and its power. We would rather die advocating for our rights that die in silence. Each member is expected to incorporate their skills and social position to help achieve our goal. For example, I utilize my writing skills to journal and blog for the group.

All group members undertake advocacy training at least twice each year to refine advocacy capabilities.

As a group, we believe in the school of consequentialism that advocates for producing the greatest good for the greatest number (Ellis, 2019). Hence, at all times, we ensure that the group is accommodative for all and their opinions and emphasize on collaboration. We also believe in the Holly Quran for guidance and directions.

Group cohesion is build upon our shared experiences in social injustices as Muslim Americans and our believes in social equality. Through social cohesion we are able to work together to attain a common goal. Group think is based upon our shared belief in consequentialist theory and Quran. Through this two school of thoughts we are able to come into a common agreement and decisions.

The medical surgical nursing staff provides care and personalized attention to all patients of all ages. As a member, I play dynamic roles that revolve around managing and coordinating the operation rhythm of the unit. My roles include overseeing patient care services such as admissions and discharges, coordinating administrative duties including nursing schedules and assignments. I am also actively involved in providing patient support and education. The charge nurse group social norms are based upon the five core nursing values: autonomy, integrity, altruism, human dignity and social justice. We purpose to keep the unit active by protecting and advocate for our clinical nursing staff members and patients.

The charge group has been active since the organization was established. Delivering quality and safe care is a fundamental goal in the organization in which we actively play a role in. maintaining transparency is crucial as it helps address unforeseen issues within groups. Also accountability for results is help build mutual understanding fostering effective group dynamics. Aside from conducting effective talks amongst us, we ensure that we document crucial details about our plans and progress. This ensures we are all on the same page. We use a blend of intuition and evidence-based practice when making decisions.  The charge nurse performance evaluation includes all elements in our job description and character. Also, team member’s feedback on each members performance is highly considered.

Collaborative strategy is effective when solving interpersonal conflicts. Through collaborative strategy, we are able to facilitate innovative problem solving that promotes mutual respect and rapport

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