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Cybercrime theory

      Describe a recent cybercrime and what cybercrime theory you believe applies to this case? Please explain the reasons why the theory you picked applies.  

Raising the federal minimum wage

            Raising the federal minimum wage is currently a hot topic in American politics. President Joseph R. Biden wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour but it will require both houses of congress to approve the measure and based on how this...

Violent victimization

          Several types of violent victimization were discussed in this module. Your task is to select one and write about the following (you can choose a violent crime that we didn’t discuss if you can relate it to victimology and the factors below): Explain...

Convicted of a crime then exonerated.

      Identify a single criminal case where a person was convicted of a crime, and later exonerated. Searching online will reveal plenty of cases. You make the choice. Complete a 2 to 4-page paper covering the following; Summarize the case, Explain how and why the...
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