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Create a Wiki page that covers your assigned topic for your assigned this assignment. Prior students have used Word, publishing software, online sites like
canva.com, or other programs to create their Wiki pages. Some groups also use the exact formatting of actual Wikipedia pages. Just make sure you cover
the required topics in the assignment and make it interesting and accessible. Please feel free to include links to relevant videos, charts, pictures or other
resources. Please ensure to use at least seven scholarly sources; however, more can be used. and outside sources
Some Areas that can be covered on the Wiki Page Below.
Antidepressants – General Overview
General Effectiveness
Controversial issues
Antidepressant Medications
Do They work
I include three examples below just to give you a general gist of things people have done before, but you’re not at all limited to these formats. Be creative!
The example listed below is the one on the same topic as mine. The other two examples are attached.

Sample Solution 

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