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    Write a Business letter to a customer or potential client about a potential opportunity or strategic idea. Word count would be 500-600 words.


Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


ABC Company

234 Riverport Drive

Los Angeles, California 400003

1 Oct, 2019.


Mrs. Lady Bee

Company’s Manager

Real Estate, Inc.

123 Green Street

Miami, Florida 333111



Dear Mrs. Bee,

I am writing to inform you about a strategic business opportunity in Canada. I recently learned of a real estate deal in Canada after visiting the region for a business retreat early last month. Based on our previous meeting, I realized that you were interested in such openings and I saw the need to inform you of this opening.

ABC Company has invested in real estate business in different parts of the globe and has continued to benefit over the years. I believe that considering the strategic opportunity in Canada would benefit your company’s brand image as well as profitability. Notably, Canada is one of the potential destinations with a flourishing economy which has foreseen an increase in the rate at which people buy and rent houses, office spaces and condos. However, the real estate businesses in the region find it difficult to meet the market demand since the increase in the number of consumers in the market is overwhelming. Moreover, some of the potential challenges facing the players in the field has discouraged new players from entering the sector thus, making it difficult for the real estate providers to meet the market demand. The major challenge experienced is the changing customer expectations, behaviors and preferences. However, I consider this to be a common risk associated with any business which should not discourage you from exploiting this opportunity. On the contrary, you should consider a new approach before venturing in the real estate business to counteract this challenge and make the most of the business. Having this in mind, it is clear that investing in the real estate business is not risk free. However, if you are careful, carry out your research properly, or learn from people with experience in the business, you can derive undeniable profits within a short period of time. More so, Canada has a ready market which will work in your favor if you consider venturing in its market.

Investing in the real estate venture is one of the offers that will not become unprofitable. Gauging from the historical trends, it is clear that property owners have a great degree of security and wealth. Before selling within the Canadian real estate market, you should obtain the right license which authorizes you to operate legally in the region. Also, gaining the right training is a plus point for your business having in mind that there are already established operators in the region. Therefore, be ready to put in some extra effort before you can establish your position within the market.

I have experience in the real estate business and I have confidence that this is an opening that you will exploit to your full potential. I believe that this will be a ground breaking opportunity for your business and its brand since it will pave way for your company’s growth in the real estate sector. Please let me know your thoughts about this strategic deal. Thank you for your time.




John Doe

Vice President of ABC Company


[email protected]


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