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    Open the small Excel database that you have been using each week. With that database, create a 95% confidence interval for age—both by hand and using Excel to calculate the pieces you need to perform the calculation. Also, assuming that the distribution of age has...

Chinese Exclusion Act

  The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882-1943) and Lingering Harm – YouTube -Write down your thoughts about this Act (200-300 words) Prompt: What in the video struck you the most and why?  

Unbowed: One Woman’s Story

    Please discuss Wangari Maathai’s Book “Unbowed: One Woman’s Story” in your group. Then prepare slides that address the following three themes: Causes of Environmental Degradation Maathai, as a biologist with an agricultural family...


You are a pharmacy student applying for a scholarship. Describe your proficiency in another language (French), other than English, and how being bilingual has helped influence your decision to pursue a career in pharmacy and/or impacted your experience throughout...
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