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  1. Causes of the American Revolution




    Analyze and evaluate the causes of the American Revolution using both primary and secondary sources   


Subject History Pages 5 Style APA


Causes of the American Revolution

      The American Revolution is the insurgence mounted on the decree of the great British by the American nationalists. The revolt occurred between 1765 and 1783, where the American colonists defeated and won their independence from the British with the help of France. Notably, the foundation and basis of the revolution were complicated since it was concocting with time. However, there were various actions imposed by Great Britain on the American colonies that eventually led to the explosion of the revolution. This essay, therefore, identifies, analyzes, and evaluates the causes of the American Revolution.

Opposing of Taxation without Representation

      One of the main causes of the American Revolution was the demurral to the taxation of American colonies by the parliamentary arm of the government of Great Britain. Notably, the parliament has several mandates, including making law laws of the land and notifying the communities of any Act that affect them. Hence, the Act to tax the Americans was a scheme that was choreographed under the taxation Act and was to pass through the parliament. In reaction to the Act, the American colonies antagonized and opposed the scheme stating that they will not pay tax without being represented. Subsequently, they first demanded that there was no way an Englishman would be tax without personal consent as an individual (Jenyns 1). Secondly, they demanded that it was only through the consent of those elected to represent them that they would pay the taxes. Third, the Americans only if the majority of their parliamentary representatives’ consent to allow them to pay tax is when they will comply with the Taxation Act. Arguably, the Act was purposed to collect a portion of the resources from the community earnings for budgeting to ensure prosperity and the safety of the nation (Samuel 1). Additionally, the British government used the collected tax to provide protection and other services to the Americans – their subjects. Regrettably, the British government found the Americans demand unrealistic and unachievable hence the antagonism because of disagreement. Therefore, it was the resentment and opposition of the Taxation Act that led to the American revolution.  

Increased Sense of Independent among Colonists

      Increased sense of independence was another cause of the American Revolution against the British. The Americans, unlike other British colonies, including Africa and Asia, were not under oppression. Consequently, their revolution was a quest for independence – freedom to enable them to handle their domestic matters. It is the American colony’s increased sense of independence that pushed them to congress the Resolution of the Stamp Act Congress on October 19th, 1765 (Pennsylvanian 2). The Americans were bold enough to articulate their thirst for freedom and liberation. In their boldness, they claimed their entitlement to the inherent liberty. They also demanded their complete independence by demanding that they form their local legislature, responsible for their consent of taxation, and the inherent and the invaluable of the trial jury of the colonies (Pennsylvanian 2). Additionally, their increased sense of independence made them demand liberty and rose against the British government from interfering with their local matters. Moreover, the government’s move to allowed them to muster troops and passing of laws increased their sense of independence (Pennsylvanian 2). Moreover, The Americans wanted to thwart the intrusion to control of their economy by the British government. Therefore, the privileges that the colonies were allowed to enjoy increased their sense of independence; hence they demanded it, leading to the revolution.

           In the quest for independence, the Americans revolted against the nullification of the Declaratory Act of March 18, 1766, by the parliament of the great British. After realizing the benefits of independent governance, the Americans made claims that they recommended being passed through The American colonies had recommended and passed legislation through votes, resolutions, and orders derogatory legislative authority by the parliament (Danby 1). Their claims included the taxation of the Majesty’s subjects within the plantations. However, their demands were nullified following comprehensive consultation among the hierarchy of British governance. Subsequently, the declaration that the claim was null and void triggered the Americans colonies the revolt against the British government in the quest for their liberty.

      More importantly, the sons of liberty’s formation also greatly contributed to the commencement of the American Revolution. The group was primarily formed to fight the taxation act by the British government on the American colonies. Consequently, they came up with strategies that would instill fear cause intimidation. Additionally, they used force and violence, protested, and ensured that the Stamp Act was repealed. Notably, the group reemerged on the plantation in Boston and other American colonies.

Furthermore, they pushed for the assortment and approval of the rights of the British colonies. Therefore, it was the bravery of the group that initiated the struggle for the independence of America. It was through a revolution that they led.


      In conclusion, the revolt that occurred between 1765 and 1783 led to the American colonists defeating and winning their independence from the Great British with the help of France. Notably, the foundation and basis of the revolution were complicated since it was concocting with time. However, there were various actions imposed by Great Britain on the American colonies that eventually led to the explosion of the revolution. The revolution was caused by the American colonies revolting due to a lack of tax consent and the consent of their representatives on the taxes in parliament. Additionally, it was caused by an increased sense of independence, which resulted from the colonies being allowed to exercise some duties like tax collection by the local legislatures. Furthermore, it was caused by declaring their claim on the tax paid by the Majesty’s subjects by the local legislature null and void. Moreover, the sons of liberty group were also another cause since it was the force behind the revolution. Therefore, the two main causes of the main American Revolution were opposing being taxed without the consent either directly or through their representatives and their increased sense of independence.     



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