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1.) You are in the home having a home visit to discuss strength, progress, and goals with an enrolled member.
Amanda is a 16-year-old in the Children & Youth Health Homes Care Management program at RSS. She is actively engaged in school, participates in a club, would like to play a school sport, and attends all of her mental health appointments consistently in the community. Amanda really enjoys working with her therapist. Amanda has crossed boundaries with peers in the community and at school both verbally and physically. Amanda identifies that she feels threatened in these moments. Mom has had to be contacted frequently by the school and she is frustrated as this has occurred in her home as well with younger siblings and mom’s boyfriend. There have been multiple law enforcement visits at the home due to these behaviors. Mom is struggling to see any positive aspects and growth in Amanda. She identifies that she is increasing punishments for Amanda on weekends. Amanda has a significant trauma history of witnessing domestic violence in the home with mom (and previous boyfriends – it is unsure what the relationship is between mom and the current boyfriend).
A.) Please respond by how you would approach the meeting and the conversation that you would have with mom around Amanda’s strengths, progress, and challenges/needs.

B.) What areas would you speak with the clinician about working on with Amanda, how would you present them to the clinician?

2.) David identifies that he would like to be called Marissa. David identifies that he is transgendered. David/Marissa’s family is identifying that the gender identity concerns/questions/desires are “not real” and that he is “seeking attention”. Marissa’s family currently works with a family partner/peer advocate to help support the family and provide psychoeducation to the family about situations that Marissa is experiencing. Share what plan you would create with the family partner to approach the family about this.

3.) You are working in your office on inputting a service plan that you created with a member earlier in the day. The plan is due within the next couple of days. Another youth on your caseload has been consistently calling you, conveying that they are feeling very upset. She identifies that she really needs to talk to you. How do you respond and why? What steps might you take?

4.) A staff member comes in to your office and tries to vent about another staff or share something with you that has minimal to do with your role. How do you navigate this?

5.) A youth comes to you and identifies that she wants to tell you something. However, he asks that in order to share, you need to promise that you will not tell anyone what he says. How do you respond?

6.) During a staff meeting and/or client team meeting, you are reviewing a case with the team. Many of the staff and/or team members are struggling to identify the strengths for a youth or family. How would you approach this?

7.) You are meeting with a member, Sarah, during a home visit, who identifies that she has self-harmed (cutting) within the last day and is experiencing a lot of flashbacks. Sarah identifies that she has been experiencing some suicidal ideation but also fear around being around mom’s new paramour. Sarah has a trauma history from being physically abused by her father when she was younger. Upon further discussion, Sarah discloses to you that mom’s paramour has recently hit Sarah with a closed fist, leaving bruises on her, last week.

A.) How would you support Sarah and what might you do to assist her?

B.) What would you do following the meeting? Who would you follow up with and why?

C.) Please write up a note that you would enter in the system about your encounter with Sarah, including any follow-up that you make that day regarding what Sarah has disclosed to you.

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