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Client Empowerment Within the Case Management Process

• The project should include an analysis/summary of the topic: 3-typed pages
• A detailed analysis of case management intervention strategies:3-typed pages
• A detailed bibliography citing all sources.
• A variety of research methods and resources can be utilized, including interviews with community agency staff. There is a minimum of 5 sources required.
• The paper should be in proper APA format.

• Provide a clear introduction/ description with explanation about value of their chosen case management intervention.
• Provide clear discussion about faith integration, including verse(s) from Scripture.
• Provide clear conclusion, including personal reflections about how this intervention will be implemented in their personal professional practice area.
• Student thoroughly discusses the various theories of human services. All theories are included, and examples are provided.
• Student thoroughly discusses their chosen case management strategies. Examples are provided.
• Student demonstrates how this applies to their chosen area through interviews with community agencies.

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