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As an IT analyst for Dominion Online a company providing voting solutions to a global client base, you are working to convince the organization to move its infrastructure to a public cloud. With the growth the company is experiencing, and the internal data centers maxed out, you want to get the executives on board with moving to a public cloud rather than trying to expand the current infrastructure.Use the information below from Dominion IT Budget and infrastructure summary to answer the following questions1: Compare the cost of on-premises and cloud options for over five years using AWS OR AZURE free calculator to determine savings and how you arrive at them.2. Use graphical representation of your results to compare the cost of on-premises and cloud options.3. Analyze the economic implications and show savings and how you arrive at them. Each year, the executive leadership team of Dominion Online establishes an IT budget for the organization, which is based on revenue projections. Consider that Dominion Online’s current year revenue is about $100.8 million, and the IT budget is 10 percent of that revenue ($10.8 million). The company’s executive leadership has given IT management a directive that the IT budget must shrink over time as a percentage of revenue, and within five years it must comprise no more than 5 percent of revenue.IT management has given you a directive to make recommendations that will enable a 1 percent reduction in the IT budget as a percentage of revenue annually as illustrated in the table below.

    IT BUDGET :      10%ofrevenue     9%          8%          7%                6%               5%        Revenue:                $100.8million      $110m     $132m    $156m         $186           $225m       

Budget ltem Allocation for current fiscal yearCapital Expenses : $4millionData Center Hardware Purchases Hardware capital expenses are depreciated over a five-year period: 0 Operating Expenses Tied to Capital Expenses: $800,000 Support and maintenance expenses for data center hardware purchases :0 General Operating Expenses (includes data center colocation fees) : $6million Includes data center colocation fees (space, power, and cooling), telecom costs, staffing, cloud hosting, software, etc. 0
Current server specifications (year 0):400 application servers (2 CPUs, 4 cores, 32GB RAM, Linux OS) 400 database servers (4 CPUs, 8 cores, 64GB RAM, Linux OS, MySQL DB)

Data Transfer in GB 0 50000 66500 66500 83125 103906Stotage in GB 0 50000, 66500 66500 83125 103906

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