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Part 1: Reflect on your IPPE community experiences over the past weeks. Choose a single IPPE-related event or activity during which you were the most engaged, the most puzzled, or the most surprised. In at least 150 words, respond to each of the following questions (word count does not include question or its title).

I. Description – Describe the event.
II. Feelings – Describe the feelings you experienced during this event.
III. Evaluation – What is your evaluation (positive or negative) of your experience?
IV. Analysis – Why do you feel this way?
V. Conclusion/action – What actions do you plan to take based on what you learned from this experience?

Part 2:
Reflect on your IPPE community experiences over the last 4 weeks as they relate to your career goals. Consider how your career goals changed or were reaffirmed after this experience. In 150 – 200 words, describe at least two events or experiences which reaffirmed your previous goals or made you reconsider them and state why.

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