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  1. Company communication between employees.


    What can companies do to foster communication? Think about what companies can do to improve communication between employees. Also, how can you improve communication between employees and management, and between union and management? Provide specific ideas that can be utilized.    



Subject Communication Pages 2 Style APA


Fostering Communication between Employees, Management, and Unions



            Workplace is a typical environment where millions of people spend most of their time. Thus, fostering effective communication in such places is becoming increasingly critical because it not only improves business practices but also improve relationships between employees, employers and various unions. Effective communication helps determine the success of companies and their practices. To foster effective communication, companies should use to create a climate of openness, clarity and establish systems that encourage communication.

            In case everyone in the company communicates in jargon, workers, especially newly recruited ones would hardly adhere to the instructions, leading to resentment, confusion and hinder company practices. It would also hinder effective communication between employees, unions, as well as, between employees and the management because it would be difficult for employees to relate with their colleagues, management and unions. As such, to improve communication between employees, management, and unions, companies should ensure that there is clarity as this will helps restrict technological interferences.

            To foster communication between employees, union, and management, companies should create a climate of openness that fosters the free flow of information and communication in all directions. This implies that the organizational culture must enhance effective communication and that key persons, especially management must feel comfortable with and model frequent and clear communication with everybody in the organization. In particular, companies should ensure that they practice what they preach by paying attention to others and acting swiftly and appropriately on suggestions, complaints, questions and issues. They should treat everyone impartially irrespective of their positions and ensure that information flows in all directions. More importantly, they should ensure that management, employees, and unions learn immediately about things that affect or interest them and put in place effective systems that ensure that this is achieved. They should also enact mechanisms to ensure that less timely information is conveyed.

            In conclusion, fostering effective communication is among the critical things that companies can do to ensure that they operate smoothly and effectively. Effective communication between employees, management, and unions will flourish in case companies establish organization climate of openness that promote free flow of information and communication in various directions and when there is clarity of information, as well as, appropriate systems that encourage communication.



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