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reflect on the progress you have made over the semester in
achieving the course learning outcomes, the growth in your understanding of Human
Resources Management, as well as the course experience overall. This reflection must

  1. Insight and an explanation of how you achieved each course learning
    outcome this semester:
    A student who successfully completes the course will have reliably demonstrated
    the ability to:
    • identify all aspects of Human Resources Management (HRM)
    • provide concepts and ideas in understanding the human resources
    responsibilities of managers
    • apply human resources terminology in the work environment
    • understand the major functions of HRM such as planning, staffing and
    maintenance processes
    • define and assess Canadian and BC legislation related to human resource
    policies and practices
    Use the textbook, lessons, and APA to cite and reference these
    sources to further support your answer.
  2. Insight and an explanation of the growth in your understanding in each of the
    HR topic areas:
    • The Strategic Role of HR
    • The Legal Environment
    • Designing & Analyzing Jobs
    • Recruitment & Selection
    • Onboarding & Training
    • Performance Management
    • Labour Relations
    • Managing Employee Separations
    • Compensation & Benefits

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