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Having watched and completed a practice conjoint analysis, it’s time to apply your skills and replicate the conjoint analysis using a new data set.


The data file is provided to you below (carpets_prefs_extended). Similar to the practice exercise, this data is about carpets, the 22 combinations of carpets are listed, however, there are now 25 consumers surveyed for each of the combinations to provide their ratings.

The carpets differ based on the same factors as seen in the previous exercise:

Package design – A*, B*, C*
Brand name – Glory, K2R, Bissell
Price per unit size – $1.19; $1.39; $1.59
Is there a Good Housekeeping seal on the carpet? – Yes vs. No
Is there a money-back guarantee? – Yes vs. No


Using the data provided, conduct a conjoint analysis for the 22 combinations based on the responses of the 25 consumers surveyed. You will need to use the syntax (Syntax_prefs_extended) provided to you with some changes to the PLAN and DATA commands.
Upload the SPSS output file of the conjoint analysis below.
Based on the analysis conducted, consider the following questions:
How is the price affecting the preference of consumers?
Is the presence of a Good Housekeeping Seal on the carpet effective in affecting consumers’ preferences? What is the exact output?
Is there a need for carpets producers to really consider providing the option of a money-back guarantee to customers? Why?
After analysing the outputs, see if you can identify any trends and assess what you think these trends mean for the company. In addition, assess, whether there are any gaps where the company may be able to implement more tactics to gain a competitive advantage.

Please find the below link with the data and output files

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