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• Assess the contribution of your intervention to patient or family satisfaction and quality of life.
o Describe feedback received from the patient, family, or group on your intervention as a solution to the problem.
o Explain how your intervention enhances the patient, family, or group experience.
• Describe your use of evidence and peer-reviewed literature to plan and implement your capstone project.
o Explain how the principles of evidence-based practice informed this aspect of your project.
• Assess the degree to which you successfully leveraged health care technology in your capstone project to improve outcomes or communication with the patient, family, or group.
o Identify opportunities to improve health care technology use in future practice.
• Explain how health policy influenced the planning and implementation of your capstone project, as well as any contributions your project made to policy development.
o Note specific observations related to the baccalaureate-prepared nurse’s role in policy implementation and development.
• Explain whether capstone project outcomes matched your initial predictions.

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