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You will write a report in which you draw on your experience and use examples from your Cooperative Education placement. This should include:
1. A reflection on your Co-operative Education experience including a self-evaluation of how
your experience has developed knowledge from your major, enhanced your
understanding of the importance of your professional skills, increased your understanding
of business and including benefits and the challenges you faced (1000 words).
2. Discuss and evaluate how your business major(s), minor(s), broader student capabilities
and the BBus Programme Learning Goals have prepared you for the world of business and
link to your future career development (750 words).
3. Critically analyse and discuss your contemporary issue from your major(s) perspective.
(2500 – 3000 words).
You should:
• Provide a title and the background to your chosen contemporary issue
• Identify and outline the implications, benefits, and challenges of the issue for your
industry or organisation
• Support your analysis and discussion of these benefits and challenges with
relevant literature, theories, and concepts from your major(s)
• Identify the ethical or social issues that are relevant and discuss what your
industry or organisation could do to act responsibly
• Analyse, synthesise and evaluate your findings
• Propose some recommendations and discuss how they will benefit your industry
or organisation

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