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Overview. This should introduce your countries and their roles in global supply chains. This should be ½ page, double-spaced.

Key Factors and Measures This section should include a table of the key measures related to global logistics and supply chains for your countries. The table should include data from the CIA World Fact Book and the World Economic Forum’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI). You may find other indices like the Legatum Prosperity Index useful in this discussion. The text should explain briefly what the data in the table mean. This should be 1 page long, double-spaced.

Key Concerns, Issues, and Conditions. This section can include bulleted lists but should identify the most important supply chain issues for each of your three countries. Focus on infrastructure, equipment, people, and technology. Also, put your three countries in the context of current geopolitical issues. How will their roles in global supply chains be affected by recent events? This should be 1 page long, double-spaced.

Assessment Assess the prospects of each of your countries as participants in global supply chains. What does their future look like? How well are they likely to do in the next five years or ten years? What needs to change to improve their prospects, if anything? This should be ½ page-1 page.

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