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  1. Select target level of social life at the meso or macro level. That is, meso: neighborhood, community, region, or macro: societal, cultural, global.
  2. Select three points in future time. For each point in time write a scenario which depicts (the POET model)
    Environment and
    Technological characteristics at each time.
  3. Use scenario building models that you’ve learned and integrate the information that you have gathered in this course to support your scenario. You may submit drafts until a week prior to the due date for feedback and recommendations for improvement.
    The format that this takes is flexible. For example, you may wish to create:

A Game
PowerPoint (15 slides minimum/20 slides max.)
Online Video presentation
5+ page paper (double spaced)

You must include the following:

1) A purpose statement (why are you doing this?)
2) A vision statement (where do you want to go?)
3) Selection and discussion of the tools that you will use to create this scenario.
4) Discussion of the application of the tools (how you used them and their outcomes).
5) Discussion and application of the ideas that you have learned in the modules and the course (how you used them and their outcomes). Refer to specific chapters in the book and workbook or external references.

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