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Discuss the numerous ways an early childhood program and its staff could provide a safe and appropriate learning environment for Carly and how to adapt the environment to meet her needs. What are some other professionals who should be involved in Carly’s plan?



Subject Learning Strategies Pages 12 Style APA


Creating a Safe and Appropriate Learning Environment

The learning environment is one of the most important factors for the success of a child. Thus, it should conform to the set standard and favors the requirement of the learner. For example, learning environment for a disabled child is entirely different from that of a healthy child (Burden, 2016). In the case of Carly, the number of learners should be less to facilitate one-on-one engagement with students. This will facilitate the individualized instruction method which has been proved be the most effective. Secondly, the fact that Carly is disabled, the classroom should be on the ground floor with a comfortable entrance that allows smooth move a wheel fair. The classroom and other necessary rooms such as toilet and bath rooms should have enough space to permit easy movement room one place to the other (Burden, 2016). This will allow her to keep time and prevent unnecessary stress when navigating from one point to another. Staff members should implement speech reading method instructions. In this case, learners can read by watching their fellows mouth face, tongue, and throat movement. This will minimize the movement among learners and will enable them to learn from their colleagues. Several professionals are needed to assist Carly to achieve her academic goals. First, she needs an orthopedic who will give advice on the issues of body movement and walk disabilities (Burden, 2016). An audiologist will also assist in hearing impairment that affects her learning progress. Through an audiologist, she can be fitted with hearing gadgets and can start learning sign language for communication. A physical therapist will also assist Carly to develop muscles in her legs to walk. 


Burden, P. (2016). Classroom management: Creating a successful K-12 learning community. John Wiley & Sons.





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