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In order to maintain high-quality operations, high-quality personnel play a major role in high-quality performance. To achieve and maintain the highest quality, personnel must have a clear picture of what the objectives are and what needs to be done to achieve those objectives. They need to have an understanding of how well they are performing the tasks as well. One of the ways you can provide feedback to your personnel and reduce stress and issues is to evaluate their performance.

For this assignment, create a 1–2 page personnel evaluation form with 10 basic types of common personnel matters that management rates for performance. Listed below are a few of the items that you can include in the personnel evaluation form.

Arrives to work on time.
Operates safely during workday.
Gets along with coworkers.
The personnel evaluation form should include the following information:

Fields for employee’s name, position title, employee number, etc.
Instructions on how the manager should perform the evaluation and complete the form.
A rating scale breakdown for each personnel matter used for evaluation (negative, positive, neutral, or needs improvement, meets expectations, exceeds expectations, or a similar rating) and an explanation of the rating scale.
Include an explanation of each personnel matter, so a review can be conducted by many supervisors. A numerical rating can also be used to define each item by quality.


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