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    You have responded to a crime scene at a local high school. Apparently a bomb has been detonated in the student parking lot. Two vehicles have been destroyed and burned as a result of the explosion from the bomb. As the vehicles burned, they exploded in two separate explosions, sending debris into an adjacent four-acre field utilized for football practice. You have called the local AFT office, and you were advised that there were no agents available to respond to your situation, as they are all busy fighting terrorism; you must work the crime scene on your own. You have decided to set up a search of both the parking lot, which is littered with debris, and the four-acre field. Your goal is to find fragments or remains of the original bomb. The lead investigator who is assigned to the case wants you to advise him of how you will handle the search in order to maximize the results.

    What instructions and search patterns will you advise the searchers to utilize for a thorough search of the entire crime scene?


Subject Law and governance Pages 2 Style APA


Crime Scene Investigation

There are various search patterns that are often used to investigate a crime scene. A crime scene refers to any location that is linked to a particular crime. In other words, a crime scene contains evidence that is significant to a criminal investigation (Lee, 2014). This paper discuses the instructions and search patterns that will be utilized in the local high school to ensure a thorough investigation for the entire crime scene.

The lead investigator will be required to secure the crime scene and protect it from contamination. Documenting all the evidence and events in the crime scene will also be relevant during the investigation. In this case, the zone and the grid search patterns will be appropriate for the crime scene in question to ensure an effective investigation. The zone search method involves dividing the crime scene into different sections whereby every team member is given a segment to investigate (Baxter, 2015). The members then swap and re-examine the crime scene to make sure that no evidence is left behind (Baxter, 2015). The grid search pattern is also similar to the zone method, however, it is often done on a bearing of 90 degrees for a more systematic search (Baxter, 2015). These instructions and search patterns will ensure that the lead team capture all the necessary evidence.

In conclusion, a crime scene is an important element in every investigation. It contains all the necessary evidence that is required during an investigation. In this case, various patterns can be utilized to search a crime scene. Examples of common search patterns include the zone and grid methods. These patterns are effective in capturing evidence and ensuring a thorough search of the entire crime scene. It is in this regard, that the zone and the grid search methods will be efficient for the crime scene at the local high school.



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