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  1. Cross culture analysis







Subject Cultural Integration Pages 3 Style APA


Cross Cultural Assignment







            Apart from native Americans who can trace their ancestral lineage in American soil, most Americans came from different backgrounds and brought their unique cultural values and norms.. Racial differences exist among Americans even though cultural differences are largely celebrated as opposed to being valued (America’s Immigration History,2014). African Americans are largely treated with suspicion by other races and their neighborhoods are seen as crime ridden areas. Non-white Americans even if born in America are largely seen as foreigners even when they can speak English fluently (America’s Immigration History,2014). 

A brief reflection on Mun Wah’s proposition for navigating differences constructively

            According to Mun Wah every American who is not white faces some kinds of disadvantages even though some races are particularly disadvantaged. Black Americans for example, are treated as being untrustworthy and largely engulfed in criminal activities (Lee, 2013). Other non-white Americans are constantly reminded through subtle means that they should conform to white culture to gain some degree of acceptability(Lee, 2013). Some of them even abandon their unique names and adopt English names to gain greater acceptability.  Apart from maybe the Chinese, black Americans are viewed as being less intelligent than whites.   Non-white Americans soon realize that being different is being non-white and have to look for ways be more like whites to gain acceptability(Lee, 2013).

            Mun Wah proposes that to navigate differences constructively, Americans should accept the unique differences that exist between them. Non-white Americans should not abandon their unique cultures and characteristics to be more accepted in the United States. Non –white Americans have a lot to offer hidden in who they are which if allowed to flourish would enrich American quality of life.  The current set up makes it impossible for certain races and groups to rise to the highest office of the country(Lee, 2013).  Mun Wah proposed that Americans should create communities that take care of each other and reach out to each other. Individuals should feel free to be different rather than try to conform to the  popular white culture. Non-white Americans should be allowed to wear their unique cultural clothing without feeling out of place or being vilified. Non-white Americans should get over their fear of being seen as different and feel safe to use their traditional accents in their language(Lee, 2013).

Non –white Americans should not feel and see the need to leave their cultural practices which permeates every aspect of their lives. There are boundaries and borders in American society which prevent them from rising to certain positions of leadership such as being the president of the United States of America.  Non-white Americans should not miss or be denied opportunities because of their unique personalities and cultures(America’s Immigration History,2014). They should be allowed to adorn their traditional outfits and should not be frowned upon but should be accepted.  Americans should learn to overcome their fear of one another and even build friendships. They should visit each other in their homes. Non-white Americans should be free to use their accents without the fear of being seen as different or being secluded(Lee, 2013).


            America was created by peoples who migrated from different countries and many other parts of the world. These people come with their cultural practices which were different from those of the next group. White culture is the dominant culture and this forces every non –white group to try to conform to the dominant culture thus forcing them to abandon their culture.  No-white Americans should not feel compelled to change their names to use American names so that they can be accepted in America.  Nonwhite Americans should not see the need to undergo surgeries to acquire looks that are acceptable in America.




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