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Rename the style.css file to style_YourName.css
In the style_YourName.css file:
• Style the heading H1 with:
o color:
o normal, 19 pixels, margin 0px and padding in the top of 5px and bottom 10px
• Style the heading H2 with:
o color:
o bold, 12 pixels, margin 0px and padding at the bottom 5px
• Create a hover over the navigation bar as an underline
• Float icon1 to the right, padding to 15 px on the right
• Float icon2 to the left
• Main Container
o Width: 960px
o Height and margin are automatic
o No padding
o Relative position
• Top_leaf to be placed with the following settings:
o Absolute position
o Top is at 0px
o Left is at 11px
o Use z-index of 200
• Header:
o Use the image header_bg as a non-repeating and centered image
o Height: 196px, no margins and no padding
o Width: 960px
• Bottom content
o Use the image bottom_bg.jpg
o Center it at the top
o Width: 819px
o Height: 369 px
o Margin is automatic
o Position is relative
• Footer
o Width: 770px
o Margin: automatic
o Align the text in the center
o Padding at the top = 5px
o Font size = 11 px
o Border the top at 1 px dashed, color = #cebf91


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