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Strategic issues can come in many shapes and forms, and a fundamental part of solving any such issue is defining it in the first place. This assignment therefore starts with this challenge. Generally speaking, strategic issues can be characterised as developments inside and/or outside your chosen organisation that are likely to impact on its long-term success or survival. These issues can include but, are not limited to the emergence of new competition, eroding market segments , new regulation, new technological synergies and possibilities, major shifts in consumer behaviour and attitudes and so on. A good way to get you started will be for you read widely in the business press, pick out headlines of ideas that signalled a strategic issue for a particular company or industry in the near future, and start thinking of your story, before you dive into your strategic analysis. Examples of such mini-cases can be found in your core textbook: R.M. Grant, Contemporary Strategy Analysis.

Make it interesting! Your case may focus on one or two strategic problem or issue – make sure that the issue(s) you choose are clearly defined and explained and that you do not exceed the word count. Ideally the title of the mini-case will be a provocative question that you intend to evaluate or critique. At the end of the case, I will advise that you end with one or two questions or a clear summary statement that would prepare readers of the case for the second part of your assignment.

In summary, when developing your mini-case you must (a) think critically about what strategic issue (s) you want to address, (b) consider which strategy framework(s) might be appropriate for analysing the issue, and (c) recognise that strategy problems rarely fit neatly into one framework.

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