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1. Use the Internet to research the current state of satellite Internet access. Have the newest satellites been deployed? What services and speeds are available, and what do they cost? Is satellite Internet access a viable option where you live?
2. Research the versions and market shares of the top four web browsers. How have they changed since this article was written? Are there any browsers in the current list that are not mentioned in this book?
3. Think Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are the only search engines around? Try googling search engine to see how many you get. How many of them have you used in the past? Select two that look interesting and search for the name of your local sports team on each. Did you get the same results? How were the results different? Read the About section of the search tool to determine how content is added. You can usually find this link at the bottom of a webpage. What are some of the unique features of each?
4. Use the Internet to determine which broadband services are available where you live. Create a chart comparing prices and features. What questions should you ask to help you choose? Write up a summary of the services available and the questions you would ask each company.

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