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Research a recent cyber-attack (within the last year!) and using the Attack Case Study outlined in our text In Section 2.3.3 write a paper (do not write an outline, just use the “items” provided in the outline within your APA essay format paper) detailing the attack.

Overview—a paragraph that summarizes the attack, including what happened, when it happened, and the degree to which the attack succeeded.
Perpetrator—brief description of the threat agent who performed the attack. This does not need to be a complete profile. The attack scenario’s details fill in many details about the agent’s resources and motivation.
Attack scenario—description of the attack as it took place, using the scenario format. Omit the “References” section from the scenario; combine scenario references with the others at the end of this case study.
Risk management—description of how preattack risk management activities affected the attack’s outcome. Identify these effects using the steps of the risk management framework (Section 1.1.2).

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