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you will take on the role of a city administrator tasked with educating the community about cyber crime. You must select one issue related to security and protection in cyber crime, and develop a three-column brochure to inform the general public about your selected issue. Since your brochure is an educational piece for the community, it must contain language that is clear, concise and easy to understand for a non-technical reader. (Use the CRJ631 Cybersecurity Brochure templateDownload CRJ631 Cybersecurity Brochure template to begin your work.)

The following elements must be included in your brochure.

Column 1: Explain the basic legal rights of businesses or individuals who are affected by your chosen cybercrime issue.
Column 2: Explain at least two techniques people within your city can use to protect their businesses and/or themselves from cyber crime.
Column 3: Provide a list of resources (including a brief description and contact information) that would provide businesses or individuals in your city with additional information on detection and/or prevention of the chosen issue.

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