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“With the help of your team, the company has been making tremendous progress with its technology solutions,” says Eliza, your CTO. “In fact, the implementation of our proposals has been so successful, that the National Security Council (NSC) has asked us to contribute to the next National Cybersecurity Strategy.”
Eliza asks you to help draft a resource that she can share with the NSC. First, she wants you to read the 2017 National Security Strategy and get her up to speed on what you see as its strengths and weaknesses. Then, she will need your recommendations on several issues detailed in a memo to follow.
The chief technology officer (CTO) has indicated that your organization has been requested by the National Security Council (NSC) to comment on the upcoming National Cybersecurity Strategy. The NSC has asked for specific recommendations as it relates to the next cybersecurity strategy, private/public partnerships, and comments on how specific technologies should be incorporated into the assessment.
Part 1: National Security Strategy and Cybersecurity
After reading the National Security Strategy (2017), comment on the following.
-Should the United States create a separate cybersecurity strategy to be published alongside the National Security Strategy (NSS), or do you feel the NSS is sufficient? Why or why not?
-Consider your answer in the context of the original National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (2003). What is not adequately addressed in the National Security Strategy (2017) as it relates to cybersecurity?

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