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Systems analysts often use DFDs to represent a system’s components and the flow of data between the components. A key advantage of a DFD is its visual nature, which allows stakeholders to quickly understand a system. For this assignment, you will create a DFD using Visio, LucidCharts, or even PowerPoint.
Your DFD should contain processes and flows for the following:
• User logs into the system by specifying a username and password.
• Hint: Implies a user table within a database.
• Hint: Implies a user-authentication process.
• Hint: Implies keyboard input from the user.
• The user views the company’s product list.
• Hint: Implies a product table within a database.
• Hint: Implies a process to display the product list.
• The user selects a product and places an order.
• Hint: Implies an orders table within a database.
• Hint: Implies an order-processing process.
• Hint: Implies billing address and shipping address data flows.
• The company ships the product.
• Hint: Implies a ship-product process.
• Hint: Implies a status change to an order’s table within a database.

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