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You are a cybersecurity consultant who specializes in helping businesses protect the privacy and security of their databases. The services your company supplies include: 1) analysis of existing databases to assess their security and to recommend security solutions, and 2) development of new database solutions and applications.
You have just signed on with a new client [you may choose what type of company] who is worried about a recent breach in the security of the business’s principal database. Personal data have been compromised and, as a result, the client is losing business. The client has asked you to prepare and test new security policies, plans and procedures to minimize the potential for additional breaches. You have finished interviewing pertinent staff about their objectives for the project and the weaknesses they see in the security of the database. It is now up to you to provide a plan of action. It will provide a brief description of the objectives of the client in securing the database, purpose of the database, the types of sensitive information that need to be protected, weaknesses in the existing system, and your plan for securing the data. The plan should also show your knowledge of the legal and general due diligence requirements for protecting customer data. Prepare a technical report

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