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As an educator, you will develop potential solutions to classroom scenarios that address personal and social development. Including families in problem solving extends the learning beyond the classroom walls, increases transparency, and builds a community of trust between the teacher and families. Some situations are best addressed through direct communication with the family, while other situations may be handled through classwide communication, (i.e., newsletter, direct communication, email, in-person meeting/conference).

For this assignment, review the “Personal and Social Development Scenarios.” Develop a response of 50-100 words for each scenario, addressing the following:

Explain instructional strategies you would use within your own classroom to address personal and social development issues from each scenario.
Describe strategies you would initiate to collaborate with families to promote student growth and development outside of the classroom.
Discuss how you will communicate with families (i.e., remind, newsletter, direct communication, email, in-person meeting/conference)
Provide a rationale why you chose the communication method and use research to support your reasoning.
Support each response with a minimum of one scholarly resource.



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