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Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) & MyPlate (use your reading assignment to help with this section)
1. The DGA are nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are updated every ______ years.
2. The DGA are recommendations designed to promote ________________, and reduce the risk of ____________________, and meet ____________________.
3. The development of the DGA start with reviewing scientific evidence and numbers from the __________________________. It is created through a joint effort by the two U.S. departments: _________________ and _______________. Ultimately, it is translated into ______________ for consumers to use.
4. What types of people/professions will likely use the DGA? (name 3 types from your reading)
5. For about the first 6 months of life, the DGA recommends that infants should be fed exclusively _________________. If this is not available, they should be fed ________________________.
6. A healthy diet pattern can be ___________________ to individual needs and preferences.
7. The DGA recommends that we enjoy nutrient-dense foods as part of a healthy eating pattern. What food groups should be included and limited on a healthy eating pattern?
a. Include:
b. Limit:
8. The DGA recommends limiting:
a. added sugars to less than__________ of daily calories
b. saturated fat to less than __________ of daily calories
c. sodium to less than __________ mg per day
9. Are Americans currently meeting the DGA recommendations? Yes or no? ______________
10. Where does most of the added sugar come from in the U.S. diet? _____________________
11. Where does most of the sodium come from in the U.S. diet? _________________________
12. MyPlate is a visual nutrition guide based off the DGA and it emphasizes ___________________, _________________, ________________________ and _________________________ foods to help balance nutrients and calories.
13. Is MyPlate available in only English? Yes or No? ________
14. Fill in the MyPlate Food groups and their recommendations (for a 2000 kcal diet). (click on dotted lines to type your answer or type your answers underneath the diagram as a list)

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