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Analyze a Singular Concept, Object, Cultural Practice, Common Action, etc. By Uncovering its Changed/Changing Significance Over Two Different “Generations” or “Times” (“Kairos” introduced here).
Typed, double-spaced MLA-formatted essay of three to five (or more) pages of writing (not including any visuals) (at least 750 words or more; Times New Roman, 12-point font, one-inch margins on all sides, plus a properly formatted Works Cited page), citing at least five sources in the body of the essay as well as on your Works Cited; at least four of these cited sources you must find through your own research. Your research should support your argument, but also go beyond mere reporting of facts as you make your comparisons and synthesize how two (or more) different generations or time periods (or “eras” or “ages”) viewed or used a single concept/idea or object.
Another way to phrase this general prompt is to examine what we can learn about the particular concept or object when we synthesize how two different generations viewed or used it, or were shaped by it (with or without their knowing of the influence). Your THESIS and BODY PARAGRAPH POINTS should ultimately argue how a comparison of your chosen idea/concept/object over two different time periods (or “generations”) helps us (or a particular readership) better understand something in particular. [That ‘better understanding’ is the “So What?” statement you need in your Thesis!]

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